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Description: Poodle


Dog of medium proportions with characteristic curly coat, curly or laced.

He has the reputation of an intelligent, always alert, lively, and harmoniously built dog, which gives the impression of elegance and pride.



This dog is known for his loyalty and his ability to learn and dress, which makes him a particularly pleasant companion dog.


Story: Poodle

The French word caniche (poodle) comes etymologically from the French word cane for the female duck. In other countries, the name is more associated with rippling in the water. Originally this dog had been used for hunting wild game birds. He descends from the Barbet, from whom he has retained many qualities. In 1743 he was called la caniche: female Barbet. Later, the Barbet and the Caniche were separated more and more. Breeders have invested a great deal of hard work to preserve the original specimens with uniform color. Because of his friendly, playful and loyal character and also because of his four sizes and different colors that anyone can choose according to taste, the poodle became a very popular companion.


Hair dress: poodle

Poodle with curly hair (woolly poodle): lush, of a fine, wooly texture, very curly, elastic and resisting the pressure of the hand. The wool should be dense, copious and of equal length, forming even curls.

Lace poodles: luxuriant, of fine, woolly and dense texture, forming characteristic cords that should be at least 20 cm long.



Regular Color: Black, White, Brown, Gray and Falb

Brown: Should be pure, rather dark, regular and warm. Beige and its lighter shades are not allowed.

Gray: Must be regular, pure, should not go black or white

Falb: Should be pure. Falb can range from pale fallow to red fallow to apricot.

Eyelids, nose sponge lips, gums, palate, natural openings, scrotum and foot pads are well pigmented.


Source: Encyclopedia VDH


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